What is a Bloomerium?

A Bloomerium is floral art & decor that is Inspired by Japan Made in Los Angeles®. Bloomeriums can brighten up any space in your home, office, or anywhere you please! For inspiration on how to display one (or more!), please visit our Inspired by Bloom page

What is a Bloomerium made of?

The Bloomerium contains special oil that enhances the flowers’ beauty. The basic composition of a Bloomerium is elegantly simple: real flowers and our special oil. 

What do I do with a Bloomerium?

Light reflecting through the glass and flowers is what creates the Bloomerium's unique beauty. The best place to display a Bloomerium is in indirect sunlight, for example by the window with shades or blinds. At night, display a Bloomerium on an LED base to enjoy a different look! Visit our product page to purchase an LED base.

Where can I buy a Bloomerium?

Our Bloomeriums are for sale on our website.

How long does a Bloomerium last?

We only use real flowers to create a Bloomerium. Therefore, like everything in nature, the flowers will eventually fade in color and will need to be retired. However, one of the unique features of a Bloomerium is its long-lasting nature. Depending on the environment it is displayed in (the amount of sunlight, heat, moisture, etc.), a Bloomerium can last up to a year. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat to enjoy for longer.

Once I am done enjoying a Bloomerium, how do I dispose of it?

As citizens of our beautiful planet Earth, we all need to take a part in being environmentally responsible. The guidelines and regulations on how to dispose of the contents usually vary locally. If you are unsure of how to dispose of the glass, oil, and flowers, please contact your local waste management office.

What if I want a customized Bloomerium?

We are always researching and developing new ideas and designs. If there is a specific look that you have in mind, please contact us at: info@bloomerium.com. We will do our best to create your dream Bloomerium!

Do you provide Bloomeriums for weddings and events?

Yes! We love to be part of special celebrations and important events. For more details, please visit our Weddings & Events page.

Where are your products made?

Our products are Inspired by Japan Made in Los Angeles®. We are serious about providing the highest quality products! That's why we proudly source our high quality glass from Japan, and our flowers from around the world. Using the finest quality materials, we carefully and lovingly create each beautiful Bloomerium by hand in Los Angeles.