The Bloomerium Story

Welcome to the captivating world of Bloomeriums! We are a floral lifestyle, art, and decor brand that is Inspired by Japan Made in Los Angeles®. Our passion and mission is to spread the power of beauty through floral art. Flowers can inspire and motivate us because they have the ability to brighten up our day, to bring a smile to our faces, and to make each day a little more special. Because we all deserve--and need--to have beauty in our lives.

A traditional herbarium is a collection of plants and flowers, typically used for scientific purposes. They are mounted and displayed on paper or in a container so that they can be studied closely. In Japan, the modern herbarium was born out of people’s creativity, love of nature and beauty, and longstanding tradition of flower arrangement, or Ikebana. The Japanese believe that everything in life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, should be beautiful and aesthetically sound. They revere nature, and thus incorporate the imperfections and asymmetries of real flowers and plants as is when creating floral art forms.

We want to share the Japanese love of nature and beauty with the world. We want everybody to be able to enjoy beautiful flowers more without worrying about taking care of them. Bloomeriums are easy to care for, as they don’t need to be watered, won’t spill, and will maintain their beauty for a very long time. But like with all beauty, even theirs is not permanent. In fact, Bloomeriums are inspired by Japan’s culture that cherishes fleeting beauty and embraces the changing seasons.

You don’t need an occasion to enjoy the beauty of flowers. Whether you want to decorate your living space with beautiful floral art, or want to buy something unique for your special someone, a Bloomerium is the perfect choice. We have captured the beauty of fresh flowers in Bloomeriums so that you and your loved ones can enjoy their beauty for a longer time. The human interaction of giving and receiving flowers is beautiful. We just made it more beautiful.

We invite you to Enjoy More Bloom™ and make our ever-changing collections a part of your everyday life.