How to Care for Your Bloomeriums

Welcome to the captivating world of Bloomeriums!

Check out these tips on how to maximize your Enjoy More Bloom experience.

  1. IMPORTANT: Keep Bloomeriums away from direct sunlight and high temperatures to enjoy for longer, and to prevent the colors from fading. They do best in cool, shaded places or areas with indirect sunlight.
  2. Bloomeriums are for your viewing pleasure only, so please don’t drink them!
  3. Keep Bloomeriums upright and the top on to prevent spillage.
  4. Don’t shake or drop them, and keep them away from pets and small children.
  5. Wipe with a cloth if the glass feels damp or oily. 
  6. To retire a Bloomerium, dispose of the contents responsibly.
  7. Finally, remember to take the time to Enjoy More Bloom!